Today, more than ever, they need to look beyond traditional building systems is essential. As the need for a more sustainable or “green” construction process rises, BBL Building Company has taken up the challenge and has the developed the expertise and ability necessary to achieve your sustainability goals.

Green construction is an environmentally responsible and cost-effective option with far-reaching benefits.

High-performance, quality buildings, energy-efficiency, renewable and alternative energies, energy management systems and environmental stewardship, are some of the considerations in planning the development of new projects and facilities, and retrofitting existing buildings.

BBLbc understands the benefits – both environmental and fiscal – of sustainable design and construction. We offer a solid background in meeting the US Green Building Council’s LEED criteria and also have extensive experience with the Green Built Texas design requirements. BBLbc is committed to using green building practices in all our developments to build cost efficient and energy saving green buildings.

As multifamily builders, our team has a familiarity with sustainable features, products, and materials. Energy Star appliances, Low VOC paints, programmable thermostats, water-saving fixtures, and high-performance finishes are common specifications to our projects. We take care to incorporate these sustainable materials whenever possible not just to meet a standard but because they make sense.

From start to finish, and through the entire LEED and Green Built Texas certification process, BBLbc has the expertise and ability necessary to achieve your sustainability goals.

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Green Building Services

  • Integrated process for sustainable design concepts and construction
  • Life cycle cost/benefit analysis
  • Use of high-performance and post-industrial recycled products
  • Sourcing local materials
  • Reducing construction waste
  • Materials Reuse/Recycling
  • Sustainable site ecology, irrigation, and landscape design
  • Incorporating energy-efficient HVAC, ventilation, and lighting systems
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Alternative energy strategies and renewables
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